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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Megarama Day

We went to an awesome DS Community event called Megarama Day last weekend. It was named after a sweet redhead girl with DS, Megan and this year was their 17th annual event. We even got to meet Megan! It was at a ranch... On an island!
Here's Braeden and daddy when we first arrived. Braeden got his own bandana! Isn't he so cute?!  :-)

After we all got signed in, we went on a hay wagon ride down to the ocean shore! We sang songs and got to use instruments like maracas, drums and tambourines!! Braeden was mesmerized by Shooter, playing the Banjo. And, there's Megan sitting next to me  :-)

After we got back from the ocean, Little Bear got to ride his first horse! He didn't like the helmet, but once he sat on the horse and started moving, he was giggling and smiling the whole time  :-)

Everytime they moved again, Little Bear's face would just light up and he would giggle! Too bad it was around the bends where I couldn't get very good pics.

After our horse ride, we decided to rest and get to know more families. We met lots of new friends and everyone was very welcoming! We ate lunch (hotdogs, Braeden's favorite!), and then all he wanted to do was crawl around and explore the grass (and sidewalks). So we let him just crawl for awhile; everyone kept commenting on his strength and speed with crawling! He's doing so well and we are so proud of him  :-)

When we were done with that, we did some crafts! Braeden helped (or tried to help) mommy stamp pictures of pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, and horses on our own barn page. Then, we colored a picture and actually got the crayon to paper, not just into our mouth! It was fun!!

Braeden was getting really tired by now, considering his nap time was about halfway through the event! But we decided to ride a horsey one more time before we left. We got to ride a black one this time and once again, he loved it!

By this point, Little Bear was very sleepy! Once he got off the horse, he was crying his sleepy tears, so I cuddled him up to me and he just fell asleep. We decided that he had had enough excitement for the day and we said goodbye to everyone. He was such a great sport and it was fun to meet new families like us!

I'll leave you with one more picture:
The Aftermath!

If you're interested in more information about DS Community or Megarama Day, visit their website:

Will write again soon! :-)
God Bless!