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Thursday, March 19, 2015

World Down Syndrome Day

This Saturday is World Down Syndrome day! Down Syndrome, aka Trisomy 21, is when a person has 3 copies of chromosome 21. So, 3/21 was chosen as a day to celebrate those with DS. In celebration of Braeden and all others with DS, I'm having a small party at a park on Saturday. If you're in the area and would like to come, email me:

My father-in-law, the great author that he is, wrote this story about World Down Syndrome Day. He sent it to his coworkers today and it's too funny not to share. Enjoy!


by: David Hurley

Last night at the supper table my son turned to me and said, “Hey Pop, you’re going to wear yellow and blue this Saturday, right?”

I looked at him quizzically and replied dryly, “No, but I can arrange for you to wear black and blue for a while.” and picked up my cell phone to call an old business associate who would be happy to make the necessary changes to my son’s appearance.

Undaunted, my son continued, “Saturday is ‘World Down Syndrome’ day and people can show their support by wearing the colors yellow and blue.  The 21st of March was chosen because Down syndrome occurs when a person has an extra copy of chromosome 21.”

A little light bulb in my head finally started to glow and I put my cell phone back in its holster.  I said, “And your adopted son Braeden has Down syndrome, so you want me to wear yellow and blue in support of the little munchicken.  Tell ya what I’ll do.  I’ll go one better and tell the rest of my crew about my wonderful grandson who made-off from the factory with an extra part.”

My son took one last poke at me, “Maybe when Braeden gets a little older you can make a deal with him.  Since he has an extra part and you’re obviously lacking a little something in your head, maybe you two can make a trade.”

I picked up my phone and started to punch in the numbers…

The website that tells about ‘World Down Syndrome’ day is:

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Dave Hurley
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