This is a blog about our journey of adoption from the beginning;
typed by me, written by God.

Our Family

Update Dec. 2014:
We adopted a sweet boy in November of 2012, Braeden Nathaniel, and he is such a blessing. Here he is at 2yrs old

We are looking to buy our first home and I will try to update the blog more about that as it goes.

Update Sept. 2012:
We nearly adopted a baby girl in August, 2012, but Jesus called her home instead. We feel that she is still our daughter and will get to see her in Heaven someday. Read the whole story about Our babyHurt & the Healer and about our daughter: Alyssa Michelle.

As we move on from this, we will continue in our adoption journey and see where the Lord is leading us to grow our family. We believe He has a child for us, we just have to wait and see. In the meantime...

This is our family (so far)  :-)

My favorite picture of us with our flower girl and ring bearer!

I love this picture  :-)

Christmas party 2011

We have been married nearly 3 years and have 3 awesome dogs! We recently moved into a 3-bedroom house which is a lot better than our 1-bedroom apartment! Our dogs agree too; they love their new yard as it's so much bigger.
Kaylee likes to explore and is our protective pup.

Blazey is the only photogenic one  ;-) 
He loves playing ball!

 Lady likes to explore too. She's more timid
but is getting along with our pups and loves playing!

Blaze and Lady like to be together

Kaylee is my sweet protective puppy  :-)

Adoption Profile

Here's the link to our published book too: 

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