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Saturday, June 1, 2013

What We've Been Up To...

It's been awhile since my last blogpost, sorry!!  :-P  I kept thinking, 'I need to write a post and put in some new pics of Braeden' and well, life happened!

So, now here we are. I think it was March when I last blogged...  eeek. Lots has happened since then. Firstly, Braeden has gone from this:

To this:

Yep, he's chunkier now and is almost sitting by himself! He turned 6 months old on Monday!!! He's 1/2 a year old already  :)

So, in the past few months, I've lost 19.8 lbs with WW, Braeden has started eating solid food (he loves it!), I've started a soap business (still in the beginning stages), and much more!

I joined Weight Watchers at the end of February because I was tired of being overweight. It's been sooo easy to lose weight! Plus, I have more arm muscles (mostly from carrying Braeden!) and leg muscles too. I am more active in general and try to do more everyday! So, I've lost 19.8lbs, and my goal is to lose weight as fast or faster than Braeden gains weight.   AND......  He weighs 16.9lbs right now!  hehehe  :)

Braeden has started solid foods. I make them myself, and he loves them! His favorites are carrots, bananas, apples and pears. He likes yams too, but not too keen on peas  :P   He likes oatmeal and rice cereals too!

We've been thinking of ways to supplement our family income. With less take home pay from last year (more taxes, boo!) and more expenses (mostly Brae), money is very tight. So, in addition to selling Avon, I've decided to sell soap too! I'm making it from scratch with olive oil, coconut oil, lye and other ingredients like oatmeal and tea tree oil. The first one I made for Braeden and his cradle cap is gone (after only 2 uses!)!!! His skin is softer and not dry like it used to be. I will try to keep posting about my soap as I make more and if you're interested in purchasing any, please message me  :)

Hubby has just been working and has gotten his old Volvo back up-and-running!! That car has been dead for 2 years and is my nemesis (another story for another time), but it works now, so that's good!

Time for Brae's last bottle before bed, so I will leave you with some more pics:

I don't wanna be sitting up...

I want to roll over!!

Hmm, I want to crumple that paper

It tastes good too!

Yay fun

Aren't I cute?!

Playing with my big doggy blanket

Sitting by myself

Can't get enough of that smile!

Posing with his new haircut (or sleeping)  ;)

Chewing on fingers and watching momma

Have a great day!!  :)   God Bless!

Friday, March 22, 2013

World Down Syndrome Day!

Yesterday, 3/21, was World Down Syndrome Day!! It's on that day because children with Down Syndrome have 3 of Chromosome 21 instead of just 2! So, we celebrate all those children and adults who are rocking that extra Chromosome  :-)

This was our first year celebrating it, because of our dear baby boy, Braeden, and it was such a great day!
The adoption network we registered with last year that ultimately found Braeden for us, the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, featured some stories of DS children yesterday and our story was in there! Click here to read it: NDSAN

We also went to Peter Piper Pizza to join a party that was celebrating 3:21  :-)  Interesting story about how this all happened:

So, I went to the dentist on Wednesday (3/20) for my semi-annual cleaning and all the wonderful people there know our whole adoption story and just adore Braeden! (I got lectured because I didn't have Brae with me that day - he was spending time with daddy. But they wanted to see him!!) Anyway, my dental hygienist, Reina, was talking about a lady from her church, Lili, who's daughter has Down Syndrome and it having this party the next day to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day (3/21). She told me I should go and then got out her phone to look up her friend's facebook page and wrote down the time and place of the party  :-)   I thought about it and was gonna tell the hubby, but forgot when I got home. Told him about how they lectured my for not bringing Braeden though  :-P

Thursday (3/21), I had another doctor appt, so the hubby dropped me off there and then we to the dentist to show off Brae  :-)  Of course, Reina told him about it the party too, thankfully, and we talked about it after my appt! We decided that it would be fun and good to met others in this circle. So, we killed a couple hours in town and then went to the party. I met Lili and she immediately gave me a hug! It was so great to have a new friend. We got to meet her husband, her lovely daughter with DS and her other daughters too  :-)

Lili's family  :-)
Abry, Araseli, Aliah, and Amireah (in front- Lili's daughter with DS)

We met a lot more friends too and stories all came together. Turns out, God had really led all of us there yesterday!! Lili's sister-in-law, Alma, knew our story and told Lili awhile back that they needed to meet us. Lili agreed, but didn't know how to get ahold of us. Alma also knows my mom because mom taught Alma's 2 boys for 6th grade! So we got to talking and she discovered that the story she had heard - a Christian couple that adopted a baby with DS in November - was us! It's truly amazing how God works everything out. If I hadn't gone to the dentist the day before, I wouldn't have even known about this party and never met these awesome people!! So here's some of the fun that went on last night: 

Having fun celebrating!
Amireah and Lili & her husband

New friends!

Our special Down Syndrome kids! (had to fight the hubby into the picture, haha)

New friends, Sharon (who taught my sister in 6th grade too!) and her family!

More new friends!

Me, hubby and our wonderful DS miracle!
New friends! Alma, Irma &son, Carmen, me and Brae  :-)

Everyone fell in love with Braeden immediately, especially his new friend, Kellie!

Braeden was sooo tired by the end of all the excitement, but he had fun  :-)

We had such a wonderful day and it was great to meet some new friends! All this kids and adults loved him (I mean, who doesn't?!)  ;-)  But it is just amazing how God works to bring everything together! Especially when we can't see it and have no idea how it's all working!  :-)
Happy Down Syndrome Day!

In closing, my heart is heavy as I am reminded of a young baby we prayed for who was taken home to Jesus' arms at only 67 days old. He had Down Syndrome and many medical issues.

We never got to meet you, sweet baby Jude, but we prayed for you from the minute you were born! I know your parents were praying for you long before that too. We love you, Jude Matthew and we will see you again, happy and healthy in heaven! Friends, please pray for our dear friends, Mandy and Brandon Pelton as they continue to mourn the loss of their sweet baby. Help them feel the comfort of Jesus surrounding them always, but especially on days like Down Syndrome Day! God bless you, Peltons! We love you  :-)

If you want to read more about Jude and his family, visit Mandy's blog: and click here for Jude's story:

God bless, friends!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Braeden Likes to Play

So, I bought Braeden a bear for $2 at the Moms Tots and in-beTweens Consignment sale last weekend. He loved it right away! He was laughing at it and giggling  :)

Here he is when he first started playing with it:

And this is less than a week later, playing with his bear still! He's now discovering that he needs to hit the buttons for it to talk and sing to him! Cause and effect at 3.5 months old? Why yes, that's our son!!  ;)

Family Pictures

We had some family and baby pictures done at the end of January, 2013. Grace Robertson took our photos and I think she did a wonderful job! Here's all the pictures:

Braeden's name that we painted and the cross-stitch I made him

Daddy and Braeden

Aren't they precious?  ;)

Braeden loves talking and it's fun!

This is my favorite one of us talking  :)

Little Monkey as my friend calls him!

Loves the camera

Comfy in his swaddle

Oh mommy kisses!

Again?!  ;)

So photogenic! He loves the camera

Getting sleepy

What is that thing? I must stare at it!

Hmmm  :)

Braeden's head in Daddy's hands  :)

Daddy and son hands!

I like them in color and black-and-white!


He loves his daddy!

I like daddy and son expressions in this one!

Cute  :)


I'm just so cute, Mommy has to keep kissing me!

and again!


In Mommy's arms

Talking to the camera

Rocking in mommy's arms (yes, grandpa - with real rocks!)


This time he tried to kiss my nose  :D

Got my thumb in my mouth, rocking with mommy, now I can sleep

Sleepy boy

Aren't I cute?!

This is a typical sleeping pose; mouth wide open and fist on chin  :)

Good Morning!


Hurleys February 2013

Like my tongue?!


Like my hands?!

small smile

Sigh, all these pictures!

Grandma Hurley make daddy a shirt for Christmas and then made Braeden a onesie out of the same fabric while she visited! It's a bit big for Braeden, but it's awesome! Thanks Gma H.!!

Daddy and Braeden in matching shirts! 

Mommy, I think this is too long for my fingers!

Daddy and son! I love this one!!

All of us!

Wave Braeden!

Oh, aren't I just the cutest thing?!

So glad we got this picture to work!  :)

Our friend, Brittany Griffith, made this for Braeden for Christmas! We love it!!

Thanks to Grace Robertson for taking these awesome family and baby pictures for us! It was so delightful and they all turned out soooo well!! You can visit her Facebook page: