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Friday, March 15, 2013

Family Pictures

We had some family and baby pictures done at the end of January, 2013. Grace Robertson took our photos and I think she did a wonderful job! Here's all the pictures:

Braeden's name that we painted and the cross-stitch I made him

Daddy and Braeden

Aren't they precious?  ;)

Braeden loves talking and it's fun!

This is my favorite one of us talking  :)

Little Monkey as my friend calls him!

Loves the camera

Comfy in his swaddle

Oh mommy kisses!

Again?!  ;)

So photogenic! He loves the camera

Getting sleepy

What is that thing? I must stare at it!

Hmmm  :)

Braeden's head in Daddy's hands  :)

Daddy and son hands!

I like them in color and black-and-white!


He loves his daddy!

I like daddy and son expressions in this one!

Cute  :)


I'm just so cute, Mommy has to keep kissing me!

and again!


In Mommy's arms

Talking to the camera

Rocking in mommy's arms (yes, grandpa - with real rocks!)


This time he tried to kiss my nose  :D

Got my thumb in my mouth, rocking with mommy, now I can sleep

Sleepy boy

Aren't I cute?!

This is a typical sleeping pose; mouth wide open and fist on chin  :)

Good Morning!


Hurleys February 2013

Like my tongue?!


Like my hands?!

small smile

Sigh, all these pictures!

Grandma Hurley make daddy a shirt for Christmas and then made Braeden a onesie out of the same fabric while she visited! It's a bit big for Braeden, but it's awesome! Thanks Gma H.!!

Daddy and Braeden in matching shirts! 

Mommy, I think this is too long for my fingers!

Daddy and son! I love this one!!

All of us!

Wave Braeden!

Oh, aren't I just the cutest thing?!

So glad we got this picture to work!  :)

Our friend, Brittany Griffith, made this for Braeden for Christmas! We love it!!

Thanks to Grace Robertson for taking these awesome family and baby pictures for us! It was so delightful and they all turned out soooo well!! You can visit her Facebook page:

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