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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

First Christmas as a family of 3!  :)

Pictures of the house decorated:

Angels with our names  :-)   Alyssa's too! (We are having Braeden's made!)

The Hubby's parents came for 9 days over Christmas and New Year's! It was soo much fun and great to see them. They loved their new grandson! Here's some pics of all the family and Christmas gifts  :-)

Hurleys! (w/Gpa & Gma Hurley)

Hurleys and Krohns (w/Gpa & Gma Krohn, Auntie Kristi and Uncle Marcus)

Gift for Daddy from Braeden

Gift for Daddy from Braeden

Braeden with his first Christmas gift: Nathaniel the Storytime Bear from Avon (where else, right?!)  ;-)
I got it firstly because it's his middle name, and secondly because he reads the whole traditional Christmas story: " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" while moving his mouth to the story and kicking his feet! Braeden loves it and kicks his feet (like the bear does!) 

Braeden and 'Nathaniel the Storytime Bear'

Grandpa Hurley with his first grandson!

Uncle Marcus finally held Braeden  :-)

Grandma Hurley and Braeden (birthday buddies!!)

So his outfit is a little big for him; but he's still cute!  Here he is laying on the arm of Gpa Krohn's Lazyboy  :-)

He's smiling at Gma Hurley!

Cozy with Gma Krohn

4 generations of Hurley boys!

Braeden with Great Gpa Hurley

Great Gpa & Great Gma George with us  :-)

Grandma Hurley makes the boys shirts for Christmas and birthdays. She made Braeden a onesie that matches daddy's Christmas shirt this year! It's a little big for him right now, but soon he will be able to wear it!
Daddy holding Braeden's matching onesie (without Braeden)  Yes, he's a dork  ;-)

Daddy and Braeden :-)

Braeden hugging daddy while he's sleeping!
The whole family! Daddy and Braeden with Kaylee on his lap, Lady next to him and Me with Blaze on my lap!

It was such a great family time!! So glad everyone could be together   :-)
Merry Christmas! God Bless!!!

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  1. Beautiful family! Truly a gift from God!