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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Adoption vs. Abortion

This really makes me sad and sick to my stomach. How can so many people just think they can kill their babies through abortion because they "don't want them" or "don't want the hassle" of kids?! Here we are trying to adopt a newborn/infant and these people just go and abort their babies. There are soooo many families across the US that are trying to adopt and now it's just getting harder and harder since the legalization of abortion and because of more contraceptives and "plan b" items.
I mean, I understand that most people don't care/believe that abortion is murder, but why can't you give the baby up for adoption? Those people that argue about pro choice have already been born. If their parents thought about or tried aborting them, I don't think they would be as pro choice. I'm not trying to get into an argument about "pro life" vs "pro choice". It just sickens me that it's so hard for us to find a baby to adopt because so many are being killed and not even given a chance at life.
Sorry if I'm being too blunt; this has just been weighing on my mind lately.

I know that God has a baby picked out for us. He is leading us down this road to our child through adoption and I can see His hands working in it. Though it's hard a lot of the time (hard to wait, hard not knowing yet, hard seeing tons of articles, etc about abortion), I do believe that He is working to bring our baby home to us. My good friend, Holly, told me that I am waiting with such grace and joy. Thanks so much, Holly, but the truth is that a lot of the time, it's hard to smile. I've hated waiting... it's one of the hardest things in life for me. Waiting for the "right guy" (totally worth it! My husband is the best man, better than I could've imagined a man could be!), waiting to get married (again worth it because we didn't want to have a lot of debt when we got married), waiting to get pregnant... which didn't happen in almost 3 years, so now waiting for our baby through adoption. I know it will be worth it when I get to hold him/her in my arms for the first time. So many people tell me that it's soooo worth the wait. I can see that, but while I'm here in the midst of waiting, it's so hard.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is mostly asking for a request for prayer. Please pray about all the expectant mothers out there that are considering abortion. Pray that they would choose life for their little one... maybe even the baby for us! Please pray that God uses this time to soften their hearts and that He uses my pain in waiting for a baby to be for His glory. Pray for the doctors doing abortions and the people working in abortion clinics that they would see God's light in their lives (and the lives they are about to end) and come to know Him through it all.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!

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