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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Both Hands Project

We have just been accepted for a helping grant by Lifesong For Orphans. It's called Both Hands and the way it works is this... We find a widow who's house we can fix up for her. We assemble a team of people to spend one Saturday fixing up her home. These people and other helpers will send out letters to their friends, families and churches asking for sponsorship for them to work on the house. We then fix up the widow's home and all the money raised goes to our Adoption Fund. All donations are made through Lifesong in a Fund set up for us and they are tax-deductible!

To watch a short video and learn more about the Both Hands organization and project, click play:

We have found a widow; my good friend, Judy Valentich, who is a member of our church. She is wheelchair bound and on oxygen, so it's hard for her to get around. We are going to help her by weeding her yard, doing light painting and some cleaning. We haven't finalized the date yet; waiting on the hubby to see what Saturday he can be off work.

Our proposal to everyone is this: if you can paint, do light landscaping, mail letters, help administratively, and/or PRAY, please let me know how you can help! We will need a team of 15+ people to work on that day, as well as volunteers who can help stuff envelopes and get the word out. We will be having an envelope stuffing party in the next few weeks and everyone who comes gets free pizza! I'll keep y'all updated on the dates for the party, mailing letters deadline, and for the actual event fixing up the widow's home!  :)

Please email me at:  for more information and to let me know how you can help!!

Our God is an AWESOME providing God and we know He will provide all the funds we need when we need them!  :)

Thanks and please keep us in your prayers!

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