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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We found out this evening that we are "expecting" a baby boy! He is due in December and is in CA. We are trying to figure out our next steps from here and starting to plan for a new baby. We will need some help with baby items like bottles, clothes, a stroller, as well as some more money for the actual adoption. We are continuing with our fundraisers and if you'd like to help with any of them but aren't sure how to or what we have going on, go to our Adoption Fundraisers page, and/or please write to us at:  

Our mailing address is: PO Box 1538   Las Cruces, NM   88004

We do have a couple of baby registries open. One at Amazon: here
And one at Target: here

I do need to update both (as there's still newborn girl clothes instead of boy clothes on there)  haha  :-)

Thanks so much for all your help, prayers and love!

Caitie, Caleb and baby boy Hurley

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  1. That is wondeful news! and so fast too! Praying everything will progress smoothly.Email details if you have time. I love adoption!!