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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Both Hands project

Hi friends!

Well, we have been busy preparing for the addition of our little boy to our family! He is due December 8th and we are so excited.

We have one fundraiser going on now as well as a Rescue Mission we are doing soon:

1) Pampered Chef online party (30% of proceeds are going to our adoption) - Through October 14th!

If you'd like to purchase anything to support our adoption in this way, please go to:   Click on 'Shop Online' and Enter in "Hurley" for the host name

2) Both Hands project (details below) - 100% of proceeds are going to our Adoption!

Project will be November 24th and we will have more information to you soon if you'd like to help!

Helping a Widow… 
Helping an Orphan

Dear Friends and Family,
As you all know, we've been going through the process of adopting a wonderful child from here in the United States. We started the adoption process in March, completed our Home Study in May. We have just been matched with a baby boy from California! He is due December 8th and has Down Syndrome, but as of now, he has no heart problems! We have raised a bit of money, but are in need of more help. We will need to pay for the agency services, an attorney to finalize the adoption, and for Early Intervention for our son when we bring him home.
Right now, that’s the hard part because it’s all expensive. However, we are very confident that God is going to provide a way; and a very interesting fundraising idea has made us believe that all the more.
If you can use a tool, clean a window, paint a wall, stuff envelopes, make phone calls, arrange food, or simply pray… then we need you! With your help, we have a chance, not only to raise the funds necessary to bring our baby boy home, but to also serve a widow, just like it talks about in James 1:27. Here’s how it works:
Caleb and I find a widow in need (we have selected a friend and sister in Christ, Judy Valentich, from our church who is wheel-chair bound, on oxygen and isn’t able to get around much). We then assemble a team of our friends to complete a Both Hands Project. Then the team (including us) would send out letters to family and friends asking people to sponsor us for the day, as we work on this widow’s house.  All the funds raised go toward our adoption.  It’s just like asking someone to sponsor you for a 5K Run for the Cure.
This idea has been done over 100 times around the country already! Attached is a link to a video that might help give you a good idea of what the Both Hands Project is all about.
Here is my request. Would you consider being on our team? You may be jumping up and down like I was and saying “pick me, pick me” or you might have several questions. Please give me a text/call or email me if you're interested in praying, sponsoring workers, and/or volunteering to work on the house (landscaping and minor cleaning).
Thanks for even considering it.

Caleb & Caitie

i www.BothHandsFoundation.orgi
i One for the Widow – One for the Orphan i

You can join the Project on Facebook at:
You can donate to the Project online through Lifesong for Orphans (100% of the proceeds go to our adoption) at:

If you'd like to help us get ready to bring our son home, we have a couple registries open:
Amazon -
Target -

More soon to come about our son!  :-)

Thanks for all your help and God Bless!!

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