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Monday, October 29, 2012

God's Miracles

God constantly amazes me with his miracles all around us and his answers to prayers.

One major example:

We said "God, we have mice in the house. What do we do?" God said, "Here's a cat".

Hahaha. True story:

So, a couple weeks ago, we started noticing mouse droppings. Figured, well we will keep all food covered and not worry about them until we see more. Few days later, the hubby leaves one of his breakfast muffins in a baggie on the counter and the next day we see mice nibbles on bag and in muffin. So we started thinking about how we could get rid of this problem. You see, we live outside of town, on 2 acres of land, so: "we are surrounded by this thing called nature and mice happen" - Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls  :)

We prayed about it and decided to buy a couple mouse traps. Fast forward to a couple days ago. Our friend was over and we were just hanging out and talking. All of a sudden, he stops and says "do you have a cat?", hubby says "no". We giggle, but become quiet and hear this tiny meowing. Hubby and friend go outside and see a kitty on the porch acting like it belongs here. We gave it a piece of deli ham and put a water bowl outside for her. She hasn't left. The dogs were in the house one night and we opened the door to go outside, trying to block them... well, kitty meows, and out goes 2 dogs pushing me into the door. Kitty goes up into our pecan tree. We bring the dogs back inside and talk to kitty as she learns to climb out of the tree. We were excited when she got down by herself! Now we don't have to worry about her getting stuck up there. I've found her in the tree playing with leaves a couple times too  :)

Hubby made her a small house in the carport with a milk crate and towels. She likes it. We thought, well, we will keep her as a outside cat and see if she learns to kill mice for us. The next day (yesterday morning), we notice one of our traps has caught a mouse  :)  Hubby figures, let's see if she will learn to eat mice. He drags the trap around teasing her a little and she grabs the mouse out of it and immediately started eating it. We left her alone, went back outside a couple minutes later and it was all gone. Good kitty!

Last night, I see a little thing moving near my bookshelf of kids books, and so do the dogs, but of course it was too fast for them. So, I put the dogs outside and bring in our little kitty. She looks around, because she hasn't been inside before, but then picks up on a mouse trail. She heads into our office (which is where we've noticed them mostly), and lies down and waits. A mouse comes running near her, and pow! She caught it in her mouth and ate it  :)  I was so proud of her! Although it was quite disgusting to watch. haha
I left her in there for a few more minutes and she got another one, then comes trotting out like "ok, now what?!" We both saw another one on the kitchen floor as I was taking her back outside and she runs and catches that one too! Though she decided to play with that one until it died and then ate it. Happy kitty tummy tonite  ;)

We are thrilled at how fast she is learning to fend for herself. She likes her little house, drinks her water, plays around on the wood pile, in the tree and teases the dogs from the outside of the fence, and she loves us. She lets us pet her and plays with us a lot now. She even kisses my toes when I'm barefoot standing outside with her  :)

We have named her Tiger:
Meet Tiger

She loves playing (yes those scratches on my hand are from her - she's getting better at not scratching though)  haha

She's so sweet

"What are you doing? I wanna see!"

Isn't she so cute?!  :)   Yes, God is so amazing. He definitely helps His children when they ask for His help! He continually amazes me with all He knows and how He protects us.

In other news... Our adoption is moving along great as well. Our baby boy is due in one month!! I'm having a baby shower next weekend and I'm soooo excited!  :)

Thanks for all your support! Bye for now  :)

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  1. I love this! It is so true that God has a sense of humor to answer and solve even our little problems! Have a wonderful baby shower and I am so glad that things are progressing well.