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Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Pictures

We received wonderful news about our baby boy this week. The birthmom had a sonogram on Wednesday and her advocate called us to tell us about her appointment.

Our son is at 5.5 lbs right now, so he's right on track! His heart is still looking great and his kidneys and GI tract have no obstructions!!! They originally saw the skin on the back of his neck that was thicker than normal a few months ago; but now it looks healthy and perfectly normal.   :-)

They believe that he will be very high functioning and since he's growing normally now, he should continue to do so! They also think his due date will be a week earlier, so he is due now November 30-December 1ish  :-P

We got our first pictures of our son too! Here they are:

 Isn't he perfect and so beautiful?!  :-)  ok, maybe I'm biased  ;-)

He was moving around so much they could hardly get pics. He kept sticking his thumb and fingers in his mouth too! He's so cute!!

So, we are very excited about this good news and are anxiously awaiting his arrival!  :-)

We are almost to our goal of $8,000 for the adoption. We know that's how much the whole adoption expenses will be. Thanks for all your help!
We are still looking for helpers for our Both Hands project as we will be working on our friend, Judy Valentich's house; cleaning and weeding her yard. If you can help or would like to sponsor us working (100% of proceeds go to our adoption), please let me know. Thanks so much!!  God Bless  :-)

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