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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Braeden's Baby Dedication

We had the honor of having Braeden dedicated to The Lord this past August. Our pastor, Hutch, passed away at the end of December and this was the last of his baby dedications. 

August 25th, 2013
Performed by Pastor Hutch

Morning worship team, including Hutch's 2 daughters :-)

Pastor Hutch

It was a wonderful ceremony during Sunday service and there were about 10 dedications. Braeden's was midway through, and he was the hit of the day! First, he gave the congregation a huge smile as we walked up and everyone laughed and clapped, making him smile more :-)

Braeden is such a ham! 

Beginning of the dedication

Speaking to us about raising Braeden in the Christian faith and leading him to God.

Then, when Hutch took him, Braeden grabbed Hutch's ear-mic (is that what they are called?). 

Mommy and daddy trying to get Braeden's hands off the mic!

Hutch has to hold Braeden's hand down!

And lastly, he covered Hutch's mouth! Hutch said "you're the only one who can do that and get away with it. Though I know lots of people want to do it!" 

Covering Hutch's mouth!

Hutch said, "I don't trust you not to grab my mic or mouth while I close my eyes and pray." :-P

Praying for Braeden and his faith.

It was such a great experience! Grandpa and uncle Josh were on a hike and weren't able to make it back for the service. But grandma Hurley was able to be there :-)

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