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Thursday, January 30, 2014


We moved to my in-laws this summer; leaving the day after Braeden's Gotcha day. Hubby's parents and brother drove down to help us finish packing and cleaning the house, and helped us move up with them. We rented a big moving truck and filled it up. Then, dad drove that, pulling his car behind on a trailer; Mom and I drove my car with Braeden; and hubby drove the 3 dogs, with his brother. It was a 3.5 day drive and Braeden did so good! He got a little cranky on the last day, but who wouldn't?! We got settled in and are doing well. Been a bit of a struggle with the dogs. Our male dog and my in-law's male dog have alpha male complexes and don't get along. So we just keep them separated. Everything is settling in and it's nice to not have to worry about rent or food while we are transitioning. 

Braeden has grown so much! Here is a few pics from the past few months!

Sitting up more by himself!

Aren't I cute, trying to roll over?!

Cutie pie!

Sitting up all alone!!

Anyway, we have had some fun times since being here as well. For example, we drove to a huge park a few hours away to meet my good friend who was visiting her family. Got to play on some swings and a big slide! Plus, we went on an old carousel :-)   Lots of fun!!

Swinging for the first time!

This is fun!

Family picture at the park in front of the big slide!

Making souvenir pennies for my friend's kiddoes at the carousel!

Braeden and daddy on the carousel, with me in the background!
Braeden loved his first carousel ride :-)

We had to stop at a Cabela's nearby, and my friend's daughter wanted to feed Braeden. Aren't they cute? :-)

We also got to meet hubby's cousins from France and the UK when they visited this summer :-)

Getting kisses from cousin Sara

Cuties :-)

And of course, we've had lots of FaceTime dates with Nana, Popo, and auntie Kristi back home!
Popo and Braeden :-)

Nana and Braeden having fun!

Sticking out our tongues with auntie Kristi :-)

More to come! :-)

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