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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yes, I'm a dork; you can look past that  ;-)

The title of my post is how I'm feeling at the moment!

So, today after church, I went to visit my mom and brother for a bit. That was fun; they always make me smile. I downloaded a new game: Fruit Ninja to my mom's new Kindle Fire and got my brother and mom addicted to it. I also set a bit of a high score on it for them to try to beat too!  haha

When I got home, I checked my email and saw that our social worker had emailed me back about our references and home study. She is coming out to our house for our 1st home study tomorrow! We are so excited. Everything is moving along nicely, and I'm glad to see God's hand in all of it!

I immediately got to cleaning and straightening up the house. Bad thing about living in the desert: dust accumulates after like 30 min! Oh well, at least my house is mostly clean and smells like Pine Sol  :-)

Another little project I finished today: An "H" wall! It's not completely done (I want to add some more "H"s over the years and our wedding year over our picture. But here's how it looks now:

Hopefully we will be able to add some baby pictures to our walls  ;-)
I'll post more about the home study tomorrow! Night!!

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