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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home Study ~ Part 1

So we had our first Home Study on Monday evening. Our social worker, Kathi, arrived a little before 6pm. I was babysitting a couple of my favorite kiddeos overnight again and they were eating when she came in. They ate well at the table in the dining room while we started our visit. Of course after they were done, they were running around a bit. But they played with their toys and I read them a book (T's favorite one from me is "When is Saturday" - a story about Grover and his grandpa that's coming to visit. Grover even tells the story on a cassette tape that I play while flipping through the book. Yes, cassette tape - I used to listen to/ read that book when I was little!!). It was nice that Kathi could see how I interact with kids. I put the kids to bed after that and they both went down nicely.

The visit went really well. I loved talking with Kathi about everything... how we get along, live, interact with our dogs, each other and other people, etc. It doesn't seem as overwhelming now as it did before. Hubby and I have talked about adoption on and off since we got married and it seemed like there was too much to it and that it would be too hard for me. The hardest part at this point is waiting. Waiting for all the references to come in. Waiting for the home studies to be good and done. Waiting for news about a baby who's birth mother has selected us to be parents of. Waiting for the day that baby is born and in our arms. At this point we don't know of a baby, much less when we will get to meet him/her. But God does. He knows everything that's on my mind, in my heart, and He is in ultimate control of everything. He already knows what baby, where, when, etc. I don't always think about that or trust in that fully - but I know I need to. He wants me to fully rely on Him and not on when/where/what baby we will have as our own! If you have any advice, or bible verses that might help me right now, please let me know!  :-)

Anyway, the first home study was exciting and I can't wait for our second meeting this coming Monday. There's that "waiting" again  :-P   Oh well, God is with me and He will get me through this process with my hubby until we are parents!  :-)

"And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus."  
Philippians 4:19

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